Raoul working on the new shoes... The Zero's

It's late but Raoul and I are still working away.. Well he's doing the
work I am standing around watching.

The new shoes look and feel great. We're just getting the cleats set
up. Fixing a couple of seat post brackets and linking up the new ibike
withthe SRM crank... You could say we have it all.. It's all in the
name of performance exploration.

This comes on the back of a few recovery days after hitting a brick
wall on Thur. It was the final three days of work and the heat was on
and no just from the workloads. I had a melt down Wed then Thur in the
36-40degree heat out on the country roads.

So freshening up with last bit of fine tuning. Time to make it count
but more about that later.


Anonymous said…
those kicks look superb! how does the closure work? do you run a custom insole? are they stiff?
The Smugler fo Budgies said…
When you look into the ey of the storm it is the calm and rest that create more havoc with ones own mind than the familiar chaos tollerated and beaten in the rough and tumble journey to arrive at this point.
On Wednesday morning you will be within the comforts and the chaos of the familiar storm environment and out of the deceptive calm of the eye again. Dont let the eye of the storm deceive you or break your will before we head back in to cash the the chips we have won to date!
Term Papers said…
It's great to see fresh, creative ideas that have never been done before.

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