Drew Ginn ~ Post Warny Follow Up Interview

Recently I have been doing more and more cycling and a few races which has been loads of fun. Here's the post Melb to Warny, M2W interview and I have to admit I am absolutely a novice when it comes to bike racing like this but have done a few races over the years and I am fascinated with the learning, the physicality, group dynamics, competitiveness, pressure and stress, unavoidable and avoidable mistakes, fatigue both physically and mentally, and all the mind chatter that goes with more challenging activities.

Cycling it a great outlet I find and one which is a natural extension from my rowing days. Its not like I am starting from scratch as I have ridden my bike in some form since I was 7 years of age. Why I say I am a novice is the simple reality of number of races I have done and compared to some very experienced guys and girls I have met over the last few years its amazing to hear just how many races some do and have done. Melbourne is great for this as some many different events are on weekly.

I mostly loved doing the Warny but certainly agree something needs to change as it did feel more dangerous than I remember for my only other time I raced in it in 2009. I loved the energy of 300 rider and the 100 years but some silly things probably could have been avoided. Its was a true test of awareness and luck as at times just staying upright required any and all skill on the bike. So all I haven't raced that much I have ridden my bike for what seems like ever. I guess what I am saying here is the experience of reddening is not like racing but certainly helps and although I don't see myself doing heaps of races each year I do enjoy jumping in and having a hit out as it improves the skills and sharpens the focus and makes the ridding more rich and meaningful.


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