Reflecting on the challenges athletes seek out or face...

Have to admit its a bit of a rushed post as I am in the middle of completing some work before leave for out National Team tour. Why I am posting these images are they are a great example of athletes seeking out and face challenges. This was a camp conducted back in late 2012 with many of these athletes making it onto the Australian Rowing Team its great to think how important moments like these are. Moments where athletes have realisations, moments when athletes open up, push themselves, learn about themselves and those around them. They wake up in a way and its becomes clear they have to make choices and take action.

Rowers in ACTION

Why I reflected on this was hearing about two of our National Team Rowers having a crack at the 24 hr record right now. Sam Loch and Matt Ryan have taken on this mammoth challenge and doing so in support of the fight against Leukaemia.

Here are a few links 

Great example of inspiration 


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