Life on Tour: First Race & Lucerne Images

Life on tour has involved many of the usually things so far. Training, eating, & sleeping are pretty much the many events. Taking a few walks and getting coffee are all part of relaxing. We have had a number a crew meetings. Add to this the need to get some washing done and like all things here it cost a small fortune. We have watched a few movies and some reading has happened. We have managed to stay reasonably health with any sickness being held off with out any of us falling in a heap. I have been trying to capture plenty of photo's from the trip and will continue to do so and some of these are below.

As for what we are here for, well we are one race down and have the final tomorrow now. What can I say about a heat row. It was ok first part was as we had planned with the exception of a few speed bumps we got into our rhythm well after 250m and went pretty fast to half way. Must admit I was watching the stroke coach through the markers I thought I was possible to go very fast. I mean we heard before the race a few events were coming down quickly and the wind steadily increased. We crossed the line and I saw 44-45 and thought wow thats quick and although we could have rowed much better in the last 1000m I was surprised with the time. 

Then we get off the water and hear GB had set the new World Best Time of 5.37.8 and I sort of laughed. Great work by them to set a great new standard by the biggest improvement across all events. It was the day for it though as many new times were achieved. As soon as we got up to the Australian tent jokes were going around saying team work outs would look different now with the new prognostic time for our event and the quad. Again I laughed as I have felt for some time that a 5.36 would be done some time soon. The WBT's do have a habit of jumping 3-4sec when they are refreshed and yesterday it was moved in a big way.

How do I feel about the heats and times? Pretty ambivalent in one sense. Amazing but not surprised. Excited but wary. All in all happy I guess but not over the top. We came to Lucerne to see where we are at. You could say the gauntlet has been thrown down. This is great as we all signed up for the challenge of going as fast as possible. Funny thing is todays possible becomes yesterdays normal. And tomorrows possible, well thats another thing all together for what people often think may be impossible seems to eventually be surpased.

As for the way we are rowing we are learning as a crew how to gel together and to develop confidence. We now have less than 24hrs before we get to race the final. It will be great just to see were the cards fall. Its true Lucerne is an indicator but still we have such a long way to go to London. We plan to race well and get our rhythm right and to milk it for all its worth down the track. 

Personally I have love the build up so far and I haven't been feeling like an ageing athlete but rather a new kid. I just love racing and to be finally be getting to put all the training to use is heaps of fun.

Here I have posted some images I have taken during the first week in Switzerland. 

Coach Cob

Getting ready for a meeting

The boys trying to stay awake during our first meeting

Coach Cob laying down the law

Checking out the new boat

The new boat getting set up

Blades at Sempach Rowing Club

One of the boat bays at Sempach

Those things we stick our oars in

A few shafts

Wilbur looking ready to row

The new adidas shoes

From deep within the boat

Questions being asked about what span we should have

A bit of new boat envy

Up close with our equipment 

Cox of the eight Toby checking out the carbon rigger

Josh just hang out waiting for our boat to be rigged

Many hands make light work unless we all just sit around making jokes

Sempach with mountains

Chappo getting a shot

View from the gate

Eddy swinging by the shed

Brett Crow & Sam Beltz from LWT 4

Spare foot stretchers

The boys checking out the water

Sempach Boat House

A few Australian Blades

The eight having a chat post row

In behind Chappo as he takes us back to the hotel

Wilbur wondering how much longer

Josh capturing some footage

In the car heading back to Lucerne

At the Rotsee

Wilber getting ready to train

Chappo arriving

Rotsee starting to warm up

Josh up close

Wilbur & Chap fuelling up post row

Wilber & Josh having a milkshake


onlycarestowatchthefour said…
Gallant effort before boys, stick at it! Congratulations and best of luck
Unknown said…
Great rowers- make that new boat fly boys!
Anonymous said…
Great watching you race in the final yesterday. The rhythm and run looked incredible. Really looking forward to seeing what you can do in world cup 3.

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