How Exciting: Today has meaning & each stroke has purpose

We have just finished up some race work in Sydney and are now heading home for the last few days before we leave for Europe.

*all roads lead to water, getting ready to race often involves a short stroll to relax

Today I am reminded of something worthwhile. The feelings and thoughts that flow when in the think of a race effort. Worthwhile because all the preparation, training, testing, talking, listening, watching and learning doesn't stop. It continues to happen right up to and beyond each effort. This morning we broke from the race time table to do our effort earlier so to allow time to train after. We have committed to an approach which has us set on a certain path. For some it will seem like we are just trying to be different but for us it's about continuing the journey we are on.

*some times all you can do is watch

Our focus and energy is being directed towards a very clear outcome. An immediate outcome which has us discussing the meaning of what we do, and talking about purposeful practice, being in the moment, working together and for each other, allowing things to happen and staying with the boat, shifting and changing our habits, and tapping into deeper concentration and energy to create, build and deliver a pure performance.

*getting ready to race although serious business has lighter moments and it's nice when the sun comes out

Here we had two race efforts to see what had come of our journey thus far. Good news is we are on track. The bad news, well not so much bad news are challenging news is its going to get more uncomfortable yet before it becomes comfortable and natural. Before we raced since trials we tested our boundaries and have learnt about the training we will use going forward. We have come to know more about each other and I sense we are all learning more about ourselves.

*preparing the boats can be amusing

During the racing I found myself working well but still quiet tired. It took mental energy today to stay in the framework and add to the rhythm. The dullness of fatigue was present which is ok and I didn't fight it rather just worked with what I had.

*photo shoots take up time but together many jokes keep things casual

Bringing this into sharpe focus I enjoyed the feeling of being on the knife edge. Pushing hard early with out loading up into the hands, arms or shoulders was important and yet I needed to keep the self talk going for it could have easily slipped into harder work than need be. Coming closer into the stroke and my seat as I sat behind Josh, who I am loving see develop and grow, was like being behind a drag car with his big boots ready to lay down a long stretch of rubber. The shove and speed of his hips and legs is quiet amazing and although I don't try to match it I feed off it and intent on extending his dynamic pick up by throwing the handle back with him.

*car trips can be fun with 12th man or Eddie Murphy

With in the drive I enjoy the sensation that comes with this combination. James and Will are fantastic at picking up on what we set up and like my intent of adding to Josh's movement I feel like James and Will do the same. It makes the drive feel long and fast. It feels like we pick the speed of the boat and add what we can each seat to ensure the release is sent. We enjoy our unique rhythm and with patience at the release we feel the boat run. Sure this all happens pretty fast but the feeling of press, posture, sequence and acceleration is a joy. I guess as the drive and recovery are linked it as if the drive continues well into the recover phase and like wise the recovery phase bleeds into the drive with relaxation and unloading rather that a traditional loading at the catch. Not sure this makes sense but at times I feel as if the marrying of the forward and backward movements becomes one in the same. Seamless and flowing.

*after enjoying a late night row, which always makes things feel faster.

What excites me is the feeling we get when we find the groove. The sound of the blades as the meet, hold and step out of the water. The feeling and sound of the boat when we harmonise and experience efficiency. I even get excited about being on the edge. Oh yeah that's pretty cool. The fine edge between falling apart and not being able to do any more, and the realization of speed, platform, pure performance. The light plays off the water in those moments like the thoughts in my mind. The reflections play, tug and influence as the stream of thoughts come and go. I have found the challenge of trusting in the speed to be important. Trusting in the team to be key. Trusting my old and aging body which has become the butt of many a joke. Actually my facial expressions have been mimicked and shared as I squint to see but also expose my large grow of nose hairs which spear down as my nostrils rise to aid my sight. It's all bloody exciting really, rowing, teamwork, growing old, learning and the simple opportunity to go forth to compete for my country.

So there it is we have raced and almost completed all our last training in Australia. Soon we will be over in Europe and readying ourselves to be compared to others. Funny thing is though we are not really all that worried about the competition as our efforts and energy are being directed towards our own view of how we will perform. Unless a rule change happens and rowing becomes combative we will have our own lane for 2000m which will be like our own stage. No one can stop us have the fastest race and most enjoyable race of our lives.

*part of our Melb team who have helped us with monitoring and measuring. Can say my ears will never be the same from all the lactate samples.

*lastly this will be a big part of our journey, boarding planes and waiting around to get to where we need to go. It's all part of it and like yesterday when we flew home finding ways to enjoy the journey, all of it is key.


B said…
Great post. Can't wait to see you blokes in action, sounds like you're putting together something special. Best of luck!
Anonymous said…
Great post, Drew. Your blog always inspires me to go out and train harder and better. All the best when you and the guys come over here to Europe. From a Pom!
bucks said…
Its great to get an insight into what makes people tick. I'm sure all the hard work will pay off. best of luck!
Philippe Batters said…
Fascinating stuff,Drew
All the very best to you and your crew mates
Best of luck
Gary Quin said…
Drew, roll on London. It really sounds like you guys are going to be close to your potential - if that happens the poms and everyone else will have to be on top of their game to take you. C'mon the Green and Gold!
Anonymous said…
Sometimes after at the end of a long session when me and my double partner are almost back at the shed, it feels perfect - exactly as you describe - a fusion of recovery and drive and most importantly, effortless speed. Do us proud,
Kip Hamiltons

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