Fish Out Of Water

This was pretty funny as we were pulling the boat in this fish jumped at us and landed on the pontoon. This was the same row that another fish jumped out of the water while we were rowing and flew between Duncan and I in the boat while we were moving. Hit me on the left shoulder. Maybe it was the same fish and was just keen to get in the boat.


Anonymous said…
I hope you blokes are not so timid in the boat! :)
Char said…
I was recommended your blog by my sister, a rower of course. I'm know nothing about rowing but have watched you at all of your Olympics and think it's fantastic that you can still be doing what you love. And I'm glad you made a career out of rowing - you'd be a dreadful fishmonger.
Roly said…
Fish jumping all over the place in Western Australia at the moment too! Maybe something to do with the moon cycle or time of year?

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