OK Team here we go...

Just landed after a day and a half in Canberra. First it started out as a trip to go up and help out with the ACT Olympians Club. Being ask to speak was cool, one because its great to support the Olympic movement here in Australia and the second was because a former team mate Nick McDonald Crowley sorted out getting Duncan down for the lunch which we then decided to go a day early.

Why? Well to have a little row in a pair. What can I say it was cool fun. That's not to say it was with out pain or discomfort. My back certain let me know I had not done anything of note with it for so long. Certain nothing like rowing bow side with big Dunc's in front of me driving it along.

So there we were the boys from Rowing Australia & AIS made sure a boat was ready to go and effectively gave me no excuse not to get out there. Actually within a couple of hundred meters we we at 1/4 slide and it was better than I could recall our 1/4 slide was in the past. Something to be said for fresh form.

Sure my back was not perfect but I was still happy to be out there. To be in a boat was like I hadn't left it, but a sensation of weakness in my back with the various forces from catch to finish of each stroke was very noticeable. Surprising though the platform was pretty good and actually felt like I was able to keep up with Dunc's even though I am sure he was going easy on me. This I am sure came from my wife making a request that if I was to go rowing we were to take it easy. Otherwise Dunc's would be in big trouble. That saved me, but I did ask for a little build up which he took up to 32 strokes per minute.

Then this morning we went for a row with Nick, Duncan and a friend of Nick's John Gasson in a quad scull. Tow for two I say as it was the first really rowing since Beijing and although way off and not perfect I was buzzed to be on the water. After which we had breakfast, coffee then the lunch. No promises yet but happy to be able to get out there and see what might be possible. Lots of fun to catch up with Duncan again as he now gets ready to start a training camp with Sam Conrad in Queensland to see if they can get selected in the pair for New Zealand.


anon said…
Make your glorious return. You are an absolute hero.
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