The last month has been amazing.

Our Energy Impact Project has been run over the last four weeks. It included a new group which I have been part of establishing a new business.

What happens when you bring a organisational psychologist/performance coach, Org psych/research/PHD student, Executive Coach/Program Director, Former SAS officer/Consultant/Coach & little old me... a washed up sport person. Well maybe not washed up but in this company I feel very humble by the magnitude and depth of capacity I find myself surrounded by. Little old me as athlete/entreprener/presenter/coach I have come to see myself as a person who is simple full of energy and fascination with learning.

What we have been looking at is this:

Energy, what gives us energy and what drains our energy? What's the impact of our energy? How do our expectations influence our energy?

The gift which has become clear to me recently is that to re-frame of view of the World to considering energy as a true connector, engaging, directing and fulfilling aspect of a wonderfully universal thing, energy. Impact has become key as this is the ability to take action, follow through and to be well directed in a positive and sustainable way.

A little linkedin poll I am curious about...


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