Energy Impact Survey

Over the last three months I have been working together with a great group of people on what started out as a project and has now grown into a new venture. I am keen to keep writing my blog and using this medium to tap into all of you as readers to share the experiences, learning and pretty much what is being explored. Over the last period I have been trying to engage with various readers in different ways to try to help beyond just what I write. This has been an amazing experience with varying degrees of success. Most interactions are still ongoing so more about that some time down the track.

As for my personal interest I am keen to get through the next phase of things and then put a plan in place to take on the challenge of attempting to make the London games. I mention this as an attempt because what the last 12months showed me was that I need to get everything in place and have the balance right between family, work and training time. Actually if I see it for what it is it became about managing my energy and relationships. It became about having greater impact with my energy and not only my energy but also about how my energy could, would and did effect others energy. Once Jan Nationals on the bike wrapped up and I started to push myself to reset for the future I felt an unusual sense of being drained. Things were out of whack and balance had been lost. Not in a negative way but it was something I could not ignore. I have loads of fuel, loads of energy and like all of you I some times feel that my energy drains and even disappears. Like all of you I sense that when I am open, engaged and appropriately challenge energy feels like it is flowing and almost unlimited.

My interest right now and it is something for our work as Energy Impact Group, and something that I am using, access and exploring for the plans I am formulating for the future, is ENERGY.

Here is our personal survey for the next phase of research. I would love for any of you to take the time to respond to the link below. You can either do the whole survey or part. The thing that I am interested in is being able to share all this along with the project we have just conducted with participants and the goal setting survey I have conducted over the last 4months to create and share the learning's and insights.

This research will be used in many ways. Firstly to share here in terms of how it relates to sport, business and life. How it relates to training, rowing and cycling in particular. To use it to help others like a few charities I am in discussion with to help with people in disadvantaged situations. To use it with athletes as a guide for coaches in particular the many coaches I get to interact with. It is great to be able to share and to have an influence in the ways athlete and performers develop and are developed. Finally as I said before I see this as fuel for the next step I am interested in taking as an athlete.

Thanks for you HELP.


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