Two days ago I flew up to Port Macquarie for the awards night for the Australian Ironman event. I was asked by the KIDS Foundation to be a spokes person and to launch the David Morris Kids Foundation Memorial Fund. It was an amazing experience and I felt very humble. To be asked to represent KIDS, to be standing in front on all the competitors who only the day before had completed the grueling challenge of completing the Ironman. To be there as a form participant I felt inspired by the energy and atmosphere in the large tent as those from first timers to those having completed 20 events were acknowledged. To be asked to launch the Memorial fund was extremely touching as David was killed while out training in January. To be there as Ryan Jackson, burn survivor received the award and support not only from KIDS but the entire ironman triathlon family. His dream to play rugby and to complete an ironman really made me stop and reflect on some of the major challenges other face, other like Ryan and others like the Morris family. To be involved in such a small way is the least I could do. In 2005 I did the event for the KIDS Foundation as part of their, DOING IT FOR THE KIDS program. On that day I was in a lot of pain with my left knee not to mention all the other things that make your body scream when doing 3.8k swim, 180 bike and 42k run. A guy did just that and raised over $70 000 for the KIDS. Brad Foster has a most remarkable story like many who go to the ironman. He had a goal of $140 000 and has agreed to go back to raise the other 70. I met Brad on the night and it was his first ironman, and he had bounced back for three brain surgeries for a tumor. He was such a great man and his enthusiasm was contagious. The other thing that really hit home was Mitch Anderson coming up on stage to present his medal to the daughter of David Morris, Ainsley. The whole thing was extraordinary and I stopped there considering how humble I felt. Truly inspiring and truly bonding. What a family the ironman community.

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