Get Real On Climate Change

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This is the community ad the we have now how made by our great friends at Activemotion. It is being played on TV now. It was filmed in January down at Williamson's beach where the desalination plant is being proposed.

The personal issue I have is that due to a lack of action around sustainable water solutions we are now being told and forced into thinking that a power hungry, emissions heavy producing and environmentally damaging plant goes against the need to look after our World. Our leaders talk a good game about sustainable solutions but quick wins that are costly seem to be the real behavious that are lived. Why?

Support Get Real On Climate Change and pledge our opposition to the desalination plant. There are better solutions and they cost less and deliver sustainability for our us and our children, and there children...

For me it really comes down to what sort of World do I want to live in and eventually leave behind.


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