Transformation Time

Well it has been some time since I last wrote something here. Much time has been spent reflecting on what blogging means to me and what I want to do going forward with this blog.

My decision to transform this blog into something that better reflects were I would like to take it is highlighted by what I will now call it.


I will take some time to change the title and description within the next week. I want continue to share things about development and what the future challenges might be. Obviously the journey is morphing and things I will write on will include topics and themes from my work with clients, personal challenges, social experiments, and not only the sport of rowing but sports of interest. The aim will be to share what provokes and challenges the World in which I engage. It will also involve observations for the situations I feel fortunate to be exposed to. In fact when I think of it this blog will now be about sharing the the stories and messages of significant people and experiences that I am grateful for and love learning from. This is full exposure and it is the evolution of where this site needs to head.

That may sound all a bit confusing but I hope that it becomes clearer as I take the tentative steps toward the next phase of my development and the unfolding of the expression.


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