Social Experiment: No Bike Lock

This has been a little interest of mine for nearly 5 year. A little experiment simply titled, "No Bike Lock". No much really needs to be said. Only that I found that fear of theft had me locking my bike religiously years ago. Until one day back in 2003 I recall thinking, 'do I really need to lock me bike?' To be fair on the occasion the thought came after forgetting my lock, so for a moment I weighed up my options and decided to leave my bike out side a building in Melbourne's CBD. Since then I have often joked when meeting up with people when they ask if I am going to lock my bike up. My response has been, 'if it is here when I get back it gives me faith in our society that maybe things aren't as bad as we are made to believe. The bike has changed over the year from a basic but good mountain bike, an old crap mountain bike and now recently it has been this lovely machine, a Masi fixed wheel. Now I am not saying it is fine to leave stuff laying around, but I do believe fear rules many of our decisions and much of our thinking. So this is just my little test to show that things aren't always as bad as some would have us believe.


david mcmahon said…
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Anonymous said…
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