What else has been happening?

Well as token manager I was a pretty good follower. To explain I was asked if I would assist by managing a cycling team for Bike Hub. The team was had Robbie McEwen as it's main ride which was cool as I knew Robbie from years ago at the Australian Institute of Sport. Back when we were all kids working to get into our early teams. So as token manager I worked out toward the end that I could assist in some area's and had a huge amount of learning to do in other area's. The fact is I was a fish out of water and yet I loved being involved. Christian Ryan, Matt Long and I started a bike store with Bike Hub just over 8 months ago and this was an opportunity to promote the Bike Hub brand and also our store. I love my riding but the criterium racing is a whole different world to what I do for training so I was fascinated. This image book is what I have put together from the photography took who we got to come along. It is a mix our rides from a stores team and the guys who I assisted in the pro race.


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