New Challenges

What the new challenge that I am passionate about?

Fight for our environment, coastline and better, smarter and true decisions about our future both in Australia and the World.

Check out the link for the Age article.

Desal fight touch of gold

This is not about stopping anything it is about making sure the decisions that are made are true to the idea of a sustainable future. From a personal perspective I understand how quickly we can damage things and once done, how long things take to improve and get back. Obviously a back injury is different to environmental damage but in principle it is very similar. One week of damage for me has meant to this point some 18 weeks of recovery and I am no where near right. Compare this to decisions that impact the environment like projects like this will cost us for generations.

Hope your all well and the Christmas and New Year have brought you some joy and that our future is improved, respected and that we continue to make better decisions.


Anonymous said…
Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family. I am taking your words with me to a rowing camp with 20 schoolboys tomorrow. Your inspiration will be shaping lives for many years to come!!
Thank you Drew
Unknown said…
Hello Drew,
Happy New Year to you and your family.
I am excited to read what you are up to. The environment is a big issue here in California. To me it is totally ridiculous that we don't have more tax incentives to install solar panels. Another issue we are facing her in the United States is the import of foreign oil and the use of it. It is high time that all hybrid vehicles become also plug ins and the electricity used to charge up the cars should come from renewable resources such as wind, and solar. Check out Global Energy INC. The owner of that company is Harry Graves. I coached his two sons in the double scull. They almost made it as the US double through to China, but the cookie did not crumble the way we wanted. Harry has the research and knowledge to burn coal in a clean manner through gasification,
The Chinese already use this technology, yet they have whole bunch of other environmental problems....
All the best, Xeno
By the way, I am now rowing with WATERROWER, wood from the Appalachian mountains, renewable resource, I love rowing it.

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