Struggle for perfection

Melbourne camp ends and now we are in to a few transitions between Queensland and Melbourne. So how did the Melbourne camp go? To be critical we didn’t probably get out of it what we wanted. With out focusing to much on the negative we did have a few good rows and some great bike rides. We did have a couple of rows in the new boats that have been built. One will go to Queensland and the other has now left for Beijing. We have tried to get three boats the same and make sure the set up is spot on in each of them. This has been a real challenge and the team down at Sykes racing have been fantastic in being able to complete the job.

As for our rowing I guess due to some experiences I am aware of the need to continue to improve and certainly some elements of our rowing has improved but there are other elements that I feel have not. On the last morning we had a chat about where things are at and we gave each other some direct feedback. It is important we keep be honest with each other about what we expect and need out of this experience.

Looking forward it will be great to be able to clear the decks and have more energy and focus for our rowing and this will happen once we head overseas for the Luzern World Cup. For now I am enjoying the feeling of having done some pretty good base work and over the next two weeks I will be doing some testing in the lab. This will give an indication of where things are at physiologically. Having been busy lately was not ideal, but need to be able to take some much time off working from Luzern until the Games. This is the fine line we try to walk and certainly at times I have to take steps that are less about rowing and more about looking after my family.


hugh said…
what desgin will you boat be? the new sykes pair? or other?
Unknown said…
The Sykes Pair is the new boat, but I guess it really looks like a few of the newer designs out there, but we like the idea that we have been part of the process and have an understanding of how we want to row the boat.

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