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This morning was very cool, not in a temperature sense but rather what I experienced on the bike with the group we ride with in the mornings. Very early actually which makes it a struggle but the rewards come 7am after nearly 50km is the wonderful sense of ecstasy and agony. We were pushing back into a slight head breeze on the way home when one of the guys began to wind it up. The speed increased quickly with the blurring of legs as we charged down the road. I could hear the challenge in peoples breathing and with each turn at the front the new person extended himself and stretched us out. Finally with only 4km to go I found myself swinging around the leader of the group and proceeded to push on down the road until to me pleasure a truck came rolling by at about 60km/h and with just the most subtle of lifts I found myself burying my head and giving it everything I had. Within about 1km to go I had very little left in the tank and had found that my speed was gradually slowing. With each pedal stroke I tried to maintain the unsustainable speed and bit by bit my heart was pounding and attempting to keep up with the demand. At this stage I realised I could not go any quicker but was resolved to keep my speed as high as I could and with this came the deep heaving breathes that were a final indicator of being right on the limit. The last section we caught the traffic lights and as we braked I had the wonderful sense of that strange dynamic between ecstasy and agony. A twilight zone of sorts and as we continued up to the meeting point the sheer bliss was remarkable. We all chatted away and made comments about the various things that took place and all of us where very much on the limit which is why we love going out for these types of rides.


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Charles said…
i really enjoy reading posts such as this, as it illustrates so well what you mentaly and physically go through on a daily basis in training. good luck with everythign and keep up the good work Drew
Anonymous said…
Thank you for that post it was the sort of thing that feeds the fires of desire to stretch oneself (just to see whats there)

Anonymous said…
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