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Back home now and getting my mind around the task at hand. What are we going to do to continue to improve our speed in the pair? After the racing I have a few ideas to maximise our speed and it has to do with the application of force through the water. My thinking is how do we create a more dynamic drive and really get the flow of the movement to ensure effectiveness. Standards are another area I have been considering. The standards of performance of all the pairs races over the last 15 years makes for interesting reading. There is great learning for comparing and analysing the various results and splits of the many events. What we will do over the next few weeks is to develop a greater understanding of how and hwy various results occurred. Having been involved in the pair since 1998 I have a certain level of understanding, but will challenge the ideas that I have and the assumptions that I have probably made. Out of this will come a very clear strategy for how we can improve and what that improvement will feel and look like. Now that selection has been done it time to focus more fully on the task ahead of us. Munich World Champs are less than 20 weeks away and we have to set our sights on the way we will approach the stage of the preparation and the competitions.


c.sheridan said…
Thanks for posting the video - absolutely fascinating to watch such talented athletes in such heated battle early on and then see the separation you achieved by 1000 m.

I am very curious to read your thoughts about how to achieve that increased dynamism in the drive and efficiency overall w/in the stroke - both in terms of how you conceptualize those ideas and, in turn, create a process to reach those ends.

Don't forget to take a moment to savor making it to this point: sane, healthy and optimistic about what's ahead.
Drew Ginn said…
Thanks for the comment. What has been beneficial for us in relation to increasing the dynamic drive has been to focus on speed of movement. Having clear and unwavering intent to be dynamic and athletic is critical. Now that's not to say you don't have times when you loose focus, but it is about creating awareness about the focus. To me the mind drives this an the movement takes shape around the intention. This is challenging to explain as I have no idea of your situation. By developing awareness and clear intent and learning how to understand and utilse measures that will provide constructive feedback is important. Adapting the stimulus is another way to approach this and I like a power stroke style of training that involves using a power band. Mind set, measurement and stimulus are the elements we consider and use to create the outcome of the dynamic and effective rowing movement. Thanks agian and we do take time to savour and reflect the performances. In fact this week has been great to relax and have a few days off.

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