24hr In Images

Only 8hrs to go but it was a huge struggle

Lap after lap the track surface was a challenge but the venue was awesome

Closing hours the crowd grew and the final hour was amazing

Loved the visual of the Brunswick Track

Post event Rapha displayed the bike

Final 40min was done at an average of 40km/h 

Night time challenge was trying to stay awake

Support team was amazing and in the end I could hardly walk

Night lights were critical

Huge thanks to all for coming out .. So hard but rewarding

Was humbled by it all and exhausted

At half way things were still on track but I was floundering

Completely spent

Hard just to keep head up to see the track ahead

We raised $40,000 for Tour de Cure

Closing in on the end 24hrs 836km 2609laps .. so much fatigue and pain

Ridding the line proved costly and challenging after the many long hours


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