Off the charter, but still in the game

Yep Yep, is a great way to let someone know when your coming past on a bike. This is when you're on a group ride and want to ensure the surge of speed doesn't catch the lead rider off guard to much. Yep yep, works as its simple and can be said with urgency and joy. The excitment of the surge and the rush of the acceleration is outstandingly tangible. So why am I saying it here?

Simple I have been off the radar, the charter and yet still very much in the game and so it like I am surging from the group to laye down this post and to share a surge of energy on my blog. A blog which has sat dorment from my perspective and still funny how users are active as the email notifications show people reading old posts. Interesting to have writen it for so many years as an athlete and to know find myself for the last 12 months transition in my new role as National Team Head Coach. 

Today I spoke to someone about learning to be in a coaching boat and learning not to be out in a rowing boat and probably more importantly coming to grips with not being engaged in the process of rowing a boat. To not be engaged daily with crew mates and my coaches is somewhat strange and I am probably coming to grips with the reality of the change in my life. I still have motivations, drive and so often I become annoyiong in the coaching boat because its not my boat or my crew and yet I get the feeling and thoughts of what it might be like and what might be possible. I am active and yet at the same time inactive. I am thinking and working to let go of certain thoughts. I am wanting and relaising its not about my want. Frustration flashes into my presence and yet I am not the one who should feel it.

All this is strange and so I guess this post is about just acknowledging it and to say I am aware of my role and still working out what I can write about as I can't just blurt out thoughst and ideas, experiences or examples as they are not nessecarially mine to share. I am working out what I can share and so I have layed low and stayed off the charter but today I thought I could venture into this space and provide a few things.

This was prompted by the interview yesterday which I posted about earlier. I thought after taling to Rebecca that I should consider engaging through my blog again but that I need to think about how to best do this.

For now I will share something simple. I watched rowing today and loved it. I love seeing a few boats working things out. I really loved seeing one of our team top athletes appearing to be coming through a challenging period since the games. The visual reward was seeing significant change and the sense of celebration I felt.

Simple reminders - Posture / extension / connection / drive / posture ... I was glorious to see and yet still untested I felt like the smile I had on my face when talking to him was a sign of just how enjoyable my role can be as Head Coach. Seeing change. Seeing challenge. Seeing reward. Its a pleasure and one I am learning to acknowledge and come to terms with as the new perspective is such a different one from the past.


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