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ARTeam - Vision & Values

Over the last 7 months working with the Australian Rowing Team has been great and yet we have only just started to scratch the surface of whats possible and whats needed. It will be years before we as a High Performance Leadership Team see the outcome of many of the decisions and initiatives we have started with and with so much more to come it will be interesting to see what ca be created. This is all combined with a team of coaches and athletes from all over Australia. With all the different centres and locations we have been working to support each to be the best training environment it can be. Its the teams of people at each centre which will make this happen so our HP Leadership Team are really only the guides and initiators.

With Chris O'Brien as Director and Jamie Fernandez as his deputy, then Wayne Diplock as our operations and team manager its been great to build our small team to help  guide and work for our whole team. Now this is not all, but we have National leaders in various fields from medical, physiotherepy, sport science, strength & conditioning, psychology, and nutrition. With this comes a vast network of practitioners and specialists working specifically with all our key coaches in each major training centre. So we have all these satellite centres all working to be the best they can be and what we have been working hard to create is the engagement, connection, the integration and closeness which is critical give the vastness of our Country.

This is one of the main reasons for creating this single page for the ARTeam Vision & Values. Its been part of a review process which began after London and has included much of the work and meeting with athletes, coaches and support staff.

Thought I would share it here ...


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