Update & Future

Its been some time since I have written a post more out of needing time with my family and time for my new role with Rowing Australia.

This update is short but is important as I am keen to continue the journey and sharing the experience. Things have changed dramatically so I have been spending time capturing ideas about how to proceed with this blog.

In future I plan on sharing life as a transitioning athlete and how it feels to not have the same direct focus on preparing for that significant goal. Obviously in my new role I would like to share some of what is going on personally for me as I progressing into this new way of working which is less about the feel of an oar in my hands and a boat underneath. Its now more about engaging and working with a great group of people including our National and State Institute Coaches here in Australia and all the people who help us prepare our team. The big part of this is my role and how it relates to athletes and the influence I hope to have now I am out of the boat.

So as I said this is short but there will be more to coming in the next couple of weeks.

My final comment is:

Its all the same but different if that makes sense. The adjustment is intense and yet I feel so fortunate to be part of something I think will be amazing in time.


Paul O'b said…
Reminiscent of Joseph Campbell's classic story Drew - it will no doubt be another great journey... the sharing will be incredibly valuable no doubt. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
Great stuff Drew - I am positive you and your team will be great success. Andrew Ward

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