Rowing Talk: Video diary for morning of the games final


LuckyLouis said…
Drew, I would encourage you to write a book on your approach to thinking on rowing - what is needed to train, to prepare for races, to make a race plan, to analyse what went well or bad (self criticism). All the stuff you write in Rudderfish should be compiled into one place. I want to be the first to buy your book!

Love the writing and the rowing, thanks so much for sharing these with us.
Gavin said…
Yes it was interesting to hear your verdict re the semi. It looked to me when I was watching the semi like you had made a decision that you were not going to really wind it up in the last 250 and go for the win and keep something back for the final.

The gb men's four were on the wrong end they felt of the course. But then the Danish double beat the GB doule from the unflavoured lane.

So I suppose your view that the lanes should not matter was true.

You are a legend, well done!


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