Final Words: Last Post Before Final, Semi Wrap & Big Picture

Not sure really what to say. Words are hard to find at these times. I have no idea what awaits tomorrow and although I find myself thinking about whats ahead I am also aware of just enjoying today.

Quick Semi Wrap

Yesterday we had a great row. Obviously got rolled late by the GB four but I was pretty happy with our effort and now to be able to final focus full on the final is great. The conditions are challenging with the cross head wind with the boat crabbing as it goes down the course. We have always made our intentions clear and we have always tried to race honestly and true to our strengths. During the race I personally felt pretty composed and yet the crowd noise and the strong build by GB made it really tough to stay composed. We let ourselves down in the late stage or the race and I found myself making a few basic mistakes. We work boat speed and rhythm, and this pays dividends. Possible yesterday we paid a price for our own strategy but we understand were we need to make some improvements. As for our competitors obvious the other finalists for our heat we are aware of but as yet we haven't race the new US four. The Greeks and Germans were the other crews through from heat 2. There seems to be some fuss about fairness of lanes and I can say I agree its a problem and a huge challenge for organisers as some races seem to really be unfavourable to the outside lanes. Guess what we have an outside lane, but I actually don't care. I mean I am aware of it but if we are good enough we should be able to race with any conditions and to overcome any challenges.


We are all in the final now and today we will enjoy relaxing and spending some time preparing for tomorrow. Having just watched a few of yesterdays finals I am reminded what it takes and means to succeed at the Olympic games. A couple of races yesterday with the men's light weight fours and the the men's double scull showed clearly the desperation often required. Its big stakes and all the crews in the final have been focused on this as an aim for a long time. Within our boat we have done a load of work and pushed ourselves to be the best we can be. Tomorrow we final get measure and tomorrow is our chance to do our best performance. The emotions and energy levels will rise and fall numerous times. We have done everything we can to this point and tomorrow will go out there and race as well as we can, not only for ourselves but for so many people who have supported us. 

Big Picture

This has been an amazing journey and yes I know its cliche but it has. I love what I do but it takes a toll. There is still so much fight left in the old dog and that why being here and having this chance is just so unbelievable. Four years ago I could have never imaged this happening, not even with my vivid imagination. I actually have to remind myself that on two occasions my sporting career and even quality of life has almost been taken from me by my injuries. Right now I have to be honest my battle is not just on the water but it also involved my baggage. History and memories go deep and at times the pains of the past rise up and hit me and certainly the fears of the past have played out like a drama in my mind. When I set out on the journey I never really knew if my body would hold up or not and even now I find my self thinking its not over until we cross that line. Its driven me and much of what I do. To be a better person not just athlete is life long. Things are always a work in progress and I have loved what has been involved in this learning process. I thank my body every day for finding a way to still row and I am thanking for this opportunity to be part of this wonderful crew. To be able to row with these guys the way we do and the way I love too is cool. To be able to race with freedom at a major event like this is just such an incredible thing in contrast to times when its been hard to even walk, stand and tie my shoes. 


Ted said…
Thanks for these posts Drew. It has been truly inspirational to follow your journey. Wishing you a great race tomorrow.
Roel Groohuis said…
Thanks Drew for your posts an sharing all your thoughts and experiences with the world. I've enjoyed it very much, just as I did 4 years ago during the journey you an Duncan made towards the Olympics 4 years ago. It has been really inspring.
I'm really looking forward to tomorrows race wich probably will be an epic final with some of the best athletes in the world.
Wish you all the best in the final and everything beyond that.

Best regards from the Netherlands
Char said…
Can you hear us cheering as we yell at our TV screens? We'll be there 100% for every stroke. Good luck for tomorrow and I hope that you have your perfect race.
Anonymous said…
Drew you are a champion of australian rowing. Thanks for the inspiration.
Kate C said…
Drew, and team,
Congratulations on a magnificent display of rowing and sportsmanship in the final. You did yourselves proud, and as a result you did Australia proud too.
I've seen your interviews post race and again on the Sunrise program this morning. True champions who speak from the heart, humbly and honestly. Thank you for sharing the experience with us all. Mick is now in Rome with our mum regaling her with tales of the Olympic regatta I am sure.
Congrats once again!
Anonymous said…
Mr Ginn,

I don't know how much value a stranger's words have, but you are one of the greatest to ever bend an oar. I hope and am certain that you can look back at your race and tell yourself you gave it everything. I know it may not mean much at the moment but just wanted to say that I am sure you a huge inspiration to so many people. You might never know it, but your words, actions and how you live your life may just very well give some kid the strength to continue on trying to achieve his dream of going to the Olympics.

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