Some times I talk a load of rubbish

**Wouldn't it be great if I could say it how it is all the time? Wouldn't it be great if my memory served me better? Wouldn't it be great if upon reflection I got things clearer? Wouldn't it be great if what I shared was better? Wouldn't it be great if what I imagine could be possible was achieved? Wouldn't it be great if I didn't have doubts or make mistakes? Damn I some times talk a load of rubbish and often even with good intentions I stray into a World of ramblings that are probably not worth even the 0 or 1 required in this digital age. I do persist though and then on occasions I do better. Better here on this blog, better out in the boat, better in training and better in life. Not to forget better with my family and my wife and children.

This morning my two great kids were battling for attention. I was of all places on the toilet and right in the middle of something. Kyra started first and wanted to tell me a story. Hard to concentrate in those moments but I tried. then Jasper waged in and wanted to show me his yo-yo trick. Actually less of a trick and more just getting the yo-yo to go up and down. I found my self caught out. Trying to listen to Kyra and trying to watch Japser all the while trying to get through my visit to the bathroom with all its glory. Eventually I dropped the ball. I obviously appeared to switch off from my daughter while Jasper called for me to watch this Daddy. Then I become overwhelmed and she got frustrated with me and final I had to ask them both to give me a moment. Moments after I was in my daughters room telling her I was sorry. I was interested and yet she gave me no room to move. My son on the other hand had moved on and seemed to be uninterested in anything I was doing now. I went from king of the kids to a big hopeless, don't understand, smelly dad. All this happened in less than 3min. Yep half a rowing race I thought and probably more of an emotional roller coaster than any race.

This was pretty early as I had just returned from our Fri morning bike ride. That was an easy experience compared to being on the loo. Our 5.30am ride which I was late too. This meant I had to chase the group down and as they had what seemed like 2-3min it took me some time. Last part of the ride was great fun with the run home involving rolling turns at 45 - 50km/h until the last stretch from St Kilda to Bay St which became a race.

Then after the ride and being back home it was off to training again with a row in the pair. Enjoyed that experience and it was certainly easier than handling two competing kids both excited to engage. Talking about engaging in the pair we have had some good rows this week. Back on the Yarra with the moving water it has been a col test of the skills in the small boat. Our focus this week while getting volume back up has been the slide back into some pair time where we just row. Not much talking, no real drills and no workloads. Just us the boat and the water. Talking about competing for attention. Their has been no drawbacks to being out on the river. Slipping along, stroke after stroke our intention to create flow and be deliberate in our movements. Separating of sequences and precision with the turns and the unmistakeable feeling of floating along with space, purpose and ease. Sure its not always easy but when we nail it it becomes greatly satisfying.

Yesterday was a very solid day with boat time, watt bike time and ergo time and I threw in a run for good measure. Ah it was stormy out side so running back to the VIS seemed like a great way to enjoy it. Lightning and thunder surrounding me as I skipped along Albert Park as the preparations are being made for the Australian Grand Prix. Before this I was asleep or at least I thought I was. Dazed and probably confused after the 4 x 20min on the watt bike. Yep we decided to crank it up and so I put my head down and turned out 408/393/401/404 watts for each effort with lactates ranging from 3.1 to 3.9 mml. My legs were somewhat tired. By the time I ran back to VIS and started the ergo i pretty much had nothing left. Final after a long day and much fatigue we went out for dinner. Burger and beers with family and friends. Kids were all excited as we had invited James and Bridget Tomkins with their kids. Imagine 5 kids going nuts and the excitement. Just wish it would have rubbed off.

Today I am half way through the training. Its great to feel like you find limits and learn to enjoy them. Recover becomes key and so by Sunday I will look forward to freshening up before we head off to Penrith again for another four camp.


Char said…
So am I hearing this right? From the mouth (well, keyboard) of a four time Olympian - that training for the Olympics isn't as tough as being a parent. I totally get that!
Angryfish said…
Great job all-round Superdad! Remember, you do have alot on your daily, Olympic preparations and being a dad.

I salute you sir...

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