Video: Four Canberra

This is some footage of the four we will be racing at NSW state champs later next week. We came together for the first time at the end of National camp and then a week ago had another two days together in Canberra. This video was the first session during our second chance together.

Rowing Again: The simple joy of being back on the water

Personally it would come as no surprise but if I am going to be rowing on I have done so with the idea that I would be wanting to be in a boat again with Duncan. After being in a pair racing Internationally since 1998 it is refreshing to be able to do some work in fours like we have. Not to say this hasn't happened over the years it just the focus from 1999 was very much on the pair. The current view is in Australia we can boat a very strong eight and four. That's not to say a pair won't be considered it's that the athletes and coaches will be focusing on creating a really fast eight and four.

Coming back to the idea which is I would love to compete with Duncan again it means we obvious would need to be part of the bigger boats. I have also said to Dunc's that it is my preference if my back is right to be in a boat with him I am also realistic. If I am not up to speed or my back does not allow it then he needs to look after him self to ensure he has his best chance of a great performance in London. This is one of the reasons why we are rowing with different people in pairs. I mention all this because this particular four combination is one of a few which I feel could go very fast. At this stage I am enjoying being in the boat with Dunc's, Sam Conrad & Josh Dunkley-Smith. There is a long way to go with selections of a four and eight and I think all athletes and coaches are keen to find the fastest combination's for each boat class.

This crew has now had eight sessions together which is more the the other combination's we will be racing in NSW next week. It has shown some positive signs with good boat speeds, but until it is tested, raced and trialed it is just another four people in a boat. To have a camp dedicated to fours training in January was great. I am looking forward to the next time we do this. Also what I am keen on is an eights camp where we get to see how fast we can make an eight go. 

Currently I think it is agreed we have some great potential in regards to future performances. I speculate here but I feel positive about what we as a group of athletes can achieve together over the next two season. I am return and at times have to contain me excitement in a way. It's easy for me to forget and I think maybe others aren't aware that I really thought I would never row again. No race again, not train again but even sit in a boat and just row. It's a simple joy to be able to row.

This is why I am loving even the chance to be in a boat or go on a camp. To be able to consider, discuss and even plan a future in rowing is mind blowing to me when I think of where I was two years ago. This four then and the chance to race with these guys and be part of the National team is almost like learning how to ride a bike again for the first time. Ahhhh the simple joy of that freedom to move. Who knows what will happen? At this stage to me it is less important to enjoying these moments out on the water.

Actually I am like a little kid out on the water. Visually I am so much smaller the the other guys and it is like I am the excited little kids up in the bow seat. It has taken me back a few time to those early days when I got to join the Oarsome Foursome. At 36 years of age verses being 20, I realise age is simple a mind set.


Dog MInder said…
You are simply an amazing human being.

Can I make a suggestion.

Could you write a step by step guide on how young kids could follow your footsteps.

What you need to study at school, what steps you need to take the commitment involved etc.

That would be amazing thing to post for our younger generation.


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