Lab Testing

This is a quick entry because I thought that the pictures would explain. During the last week we have performed two ergo tests. First one was the 6km and the second yesterday was a laboratory test. Basically we perform a maximal ergo test that involves a protocol of 4min on and 1min rest for seven steps. The steps are in watts and began for me at 170 and go up 45 watts each step. The final step of the seven steps is a max step and it is pretty much what do go as far as you can for 4min. It’s intense and with the physiologist taking blood samples for lactate levels, recording VO2 through a mouth piece, monitoring heart rate and check the perceived exertion. There is more to it with what they are recording, but these are the many elements. Prior to the test we have skin fold taken, plus height and weight checks. These photos are a couple that my coach took during the experience. What did it all say? Well the feedback was positive with a good improvement made over the last 8 weeks. I guess every thing is on track.


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