Quick Trip

This is a quick update, as I will be heading off to fly home to Melbourne. I have been up here for a day and a half to get a few rowing session in with Duncan before Christmas. In fact I was meant to be here for work, but the session was cancelled and so now we have had three rows. Our boat we trained in while in Australia is here and so we rigged it up, but the oars are not the ones we used. A few issues with the rig and set up has meant that it has not been as comfortable as we would like. It was great to get out together and enjoy sometime chatting while out on the water too. I think we get a lot out of coming together even for short periods. Discussing how we have been training and how we feel about the months ahead is great for creating a sense of purpose. I think we motivate each other when we get time together and it is like fuel for the time while we are training in our own states. What is most notable for us is that it seems to take some time for us to settle into the movement and balance of the pair. So much of what we have done over the three sessions is work on feeling for each other and ensuring we don’t react to the twitchy sensations of the pair. It is amazing when we find the balance and it starts to gain momentum and speed. So is a trip like this worthwhile? Yes and as the season goes on we will get more time together and hopefully opportunities open up were we could row in some boats with others.


Alister said…
Well Drewy,

Any time you feel like a row!

Merry Christmas,


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