Time Together

What more needs to be said here? I love spending time with my family and recently started to engage in training that enables me to spend more time with them. This is a photo of my daughter, Kyra and I on our trampoline. Spending time together on the trampoline is great, and beneficial for me as an athlete. This is one example of how I can be active and enjoy these special moments with my family. Lately I have been getting the two kids to join me when I head over to the local school to do some land training. We do jump squats, running, jumping and climbing. Admittedly they want to get on to the next thing straight away, but it is great to be out there with them. It is funny doing chin ups with my son Jasper trying to hang off my legs. The little extra weight resistance is an ideal challenge. The joy that is in their faces makes the session more enjoyable and easier. We move from activity to activity and I challenge them to do what they can. Climbing trees has become a favorite and for me it's actually good for coordination. Combining training and play with the kids is a way we can spend time together, it's a wonderful experience and I know it is a good example for them.


phil said…
Your daughter looks cute... I came across your site as my daughters are taking rowing seriously. My daughters also love climbing trees... :)

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